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    The home of Champions
    Ian & Wendy Openshaw

    Ian Openshaw won his first Cocker Championship with Parkbreck Perfection, he achieved this four times with Parkbreck Perfection, Chyknell Goldstar, Danderw Druid and Brook Furlong of Tiptop Jack. Wendy has also won the Cocker Championship with Chyknell Megan. Over the last twenty years Ian and Wendy have trained, bred and exported gundogs across the world including shooting dogs & Championship winners in multiple countries.

    At Rytex Gundogs we handle selectively bred dogs for ourselves and people throughout the country. After more than twenty years trialling, we have won the AV Spaniel Championship a record breaking seven times (six British and one Irish), and the Cocker Spaniel Championship four times in the last seven years.

    We are Ian and Wendy Openshaw, and we have made up Champions which include Springer and Cocker Spaniels and Labradors.

    Stud Dogs


    *STUD UPDATE 20/02/22*

    Endowood Cork "Gus" will be going to the USA in July. Anyone wanting to use
    Gus must contact us a.s.a.p please.


    We offer comprehensive training programmes for all levels, contact us now for more information.

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